9,876 Megabytes of private Blackbytes, click to claim them!

(November 8, 2018)

I don't trust the file

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What are Blackbytes?

One of the two Byteball currencies. Blackbytes are a cash-like untraceable currency whose transactions are not visible on the public database. They are sent peer-to-peer instead.

Can I send Blackbytes if I don't know the recipients wallet address?

Yes!  You can send them via email, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. Read all about it here.

Can I send Zcash or Monero without knowing the recipients wallet address?


Where can I trade Blackbytes?

The most popular exchange is Freebe.

Why are Blackbytes not listed on Binance?

If Blackbytes were traded on a centralized exchange, the exchange would have enough information to reveal the origin and destination of Blackbytes, and amounts traded, which defeats their purpose.

Blackbytes can only be traded on decentralized exchanges, with conditional payments in the Byteball wallet. Peer discovery has to happen outside the Byteball wallet. Such an exchange is yet (November 2018) to appear.